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Feel the at home vibes.

BANN at Oak Knoll NAPA is a luxurious Resort-Style Bed and Breakfast with a limited number of rooms. Each room was built with passion by Chef Lalita Souksamlane, who is also the owner of the 5 famous restaurants in San Francisco. Souksamlane’s love for the Wine Country inspired her to build this stylish Bed & Breakfast that embodies the luxury of Thailand. Her main goal with the venue is to provide the ultimate destination for special stay, featuring indoor and outdoor living options nestled in between sprawling California vineyards. Bann’s seamless design presents guests with a “feeling of home vibe”, combined with the concept of an “East Meets West” blending of cultures. Souksamlane wants to give her guests an intimate look through the life of Thai people in the three different regions of the country. 

She chose the word “Baan”, which means “Home” in Thai, and selected unique design elements found in homes from each of the three regions of Thailand: North, Northeast, and South. Therefore, each room is decorated like a house representing the traditional design found in the three different regions of Thailand.

The name of each room was carefully selected from the important main provinces of the Kingdoms of Siam, displaying the uniqueness and cultures inherited from the old time, such as color tones, handcrafted items, and arts. Chef Lalita Souksamlane wants guests to experience the epitome of the Thai ‘Bann’ lifestyle, with each room offering an authentic experience through a different region of Thailand. 

Why Bann

Why Bann

Located in the heart of Napa Valley, The Oak Knoll district’s 8,300 acres find nearly 4,200 acres under vine. Established in 1985, the original B&B was referred to as Oak Knoll Inn. It was one of the first B&Bs in the area, which was quiet and undiscovered at that time. Over the years, Bann at Oak Knoll has been refreshed and reawakened under the careful guidance of renowned owner, Chef Lalita Souksamlane

There’s only one luxury resort-style bed & breakfast that can host events and weddings with secluded vineyard access, and mountain views. Guests can expect a sophisticated ambiance and high service standards against the unspoiled, lush backdrop that has remained unchanged over the years.



Chef Lalita Souksamlane has been a staple in SF’s for the past 25 years. In 1996 she opened the Osha Thai noodle house on Geary Street. Since then, Osha has grown into one of the most sought-after names in Thai cuisine. In 2016, she celebrated Osha Thai’s 20th anniversary with the opening of a new concept, Lao Table. Named one of SF’s prettiest restaurants, Lao offers an authentic experience through Laotian cuisine.

Now, Lalita Souksamlane is celebrating Osha Thai’s 25th anniversary with the opening of a resort-style bed and breakfast, Bann at Oak Knoll Napa. An entirely new experience that merges elements from all regions of Thailand to create an immersive journey through Thai culture.


Wine-lovers may picture their glass of red or white originating from the mountainous enclaves of Napa so we are partnering with our neighbor vineyards to offer it all!